A campaign to support domestic financing for health and development from charitable donations, community giving, corporate social responsibility and shared value in Nigeria

About ‘I Will Give’ (IWG)

I Will Give (IWG) is a platform, developed by CHESTRAD International, to expand innovations in domestic financing for development through charitable donations, community giving, corporate social responsibility and shared value.   IWG adapts thee concepts of crowd funding with the objective of creating a platform that seeks to scale existing mechanism for philanthropy.  Resources generated therefrom are channeled into pro-poor programmes of high social impact and economic benefit with a primary focus on women, children, young people, the socially excluded and the vulnerable.    This becomes essential as the numbers of high net worth individuals in Africa expands, economic development leads to increase in corporate profits and public sector budgets are increasingly applied to infrastructural development. The imperative for economic growth further requires national governments to deploy public sector budgets to infrastructural development at a time when overseas development assistance in social projects and pro-poor initiatives are dwindling.

IWG responds to these realities and gaps in domestic financial for pro-poor social projects of high social impact. IWG provides a credible and accountable platform to pool and organize the growing sentiments for philanthropy and shared value in Africa, channeling these resources into programs of high ‘Social Impact’, which have been identified as having the highest return of investment.

IWG partners with Institutions, corporations and the wider population who are invited to voluntarily donate a minimum amount every month. These funds will them be pooled and disbursed to the Social Impact Programs which align with contemporary directions in global health and the sustainable development goals.   These include (i) Economic empowerment including financing inclusion; (ii) Universal access to health inputs and coverage by services with emphasis on reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health; (iii) Girls and Women Education; (iv) Early learning and child development; and (v) Enabling the organizational capacities and effectiveness of non-state organizations. Additional information i can be found at

I Will Give presents ‘Giving is Living’ as its inaugural campaign to initiate its activities in Nigeria, harnessing the traditional African practice of community giving and linking it to corporate shared value to support the domestic financing for health and development in Nigeria, in the first instance, leading on to a launch in Kenya and ultimately presence in other African countries.

Objectives of the campaign

The Giving is Living campaign is presented with the following objectives

  • Raise awareness about IWG and its Investment Areas
  • Seek endorsement from key stakeholders and build legitimacy
  • Expand its partnership base for giving and resource mobilization


This inaugural campaign targets high level stakeholders and partners in the Nigerian health and development landscape. It also seeks to engage the private sector.  About 100 participants from the public sector, private sector, development partners, diplomatic community, foundations and philanthropic organizations are expected at the event


The launch event will be presented in the World Economic Forum style, featuring a 3 moderated panels commencing with a teaser dialogue that will engage participants at regional and national level.  Each panel will focus on a key area of unfinished business and new directions in global health, supported by the sustainable development goals[2], and evolving strategies in global health including but not limited to the Global Strategy 2.0 on Every Woman, Every Child[3], and key recommendations of the outcome document of the 3rd Conference on Financing for Development[4]

Expected Outcome

The following at the expected outcomes of the launch

  • Increased visibility of the I Will Give initiative to a broad range of public and private sector stakeholders in Nigeria, as well as to development partners and the diplomatic community
  • Expanded subscriber and investor engagement
  • Awareness of the work and role of various stakeholders and IWG Ambassadors in support of expanding domestic financing for health and development in Nigeria
  • Initiation of IWG support to 2016 implementing partners and recipients

About CHESTRAD International

CHESTRAD International hosts the ‘I Will Give’ programme.  CHESTRAD is an independent non-state social enterprise established in 1992.  From its initial activities in Nigeria, it has evolved into a notable organization in global health at all operational levels, engaging the public, private and other non-state sectors.  CHESTRAD’s key focus is on health systems and sustainable development, targeting the life and situations of women, children, girls, adolescents and young adults in poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities.  CHESTRAD was awarded regional NGO prize on ‘Best Practice on health and poverty reduction’ by WHO for its Oriade Initiative in 1995.  The organization was the was identified focal point in Nigeria of the WB Expert Panel for Better Health in Africa and consequently secretariat for the African Council for Sustainable Health Development (ACOSHED).

More recently, CHESTRAD has been in the forefront of amplifying the voices of southern CS organizations in the global health discussions towards the Sustainable Development Goals, working with other southern organizations, coalitions and institutions through its network, Global Health South.  CHESTRAD has engaged in consultations and engagement of a broad range of stakeholders towards improving financing options for health through a mix of options including expanding domestic resources from philanthropy, charitable/community giving, corporate social responsibility and shared Value.  For additional information, please visit