About ‘I Will Give’ (IWG)

I Will Give (IWG) is a platform, developed by CHESTRAD International, to expand innovations in domestic financing for development through charitable donations, community giving, corporate social responsibility and shared value.   IWG adapts the concepts of crowd funding with the objective of creating a platform that seeks to scale existing mechanism for philanthropy.  Resources generated are channeled into pro-poor programmes of high social impact and economic benefit with a primary focus on women, children, young people, the socially excluded and the vulnerable.    This becomes essential as the numbers of high net worth individuals in Africa expands, economic development leads to increase in corporate profits and public sector budgets are increasingly applied to infrastructural development. The imperative for economic growth further requires national governments to deploy public sector budgets to infrastructural development at a time when overseas development assistance in social projects and pro-poor initiatives are dwindling.  IWG responds to these realities and gaps in domestic financial for pro-poor social projects of high social impact. IWG also provides a credible and accountable platform to pool and organize the growing sentiments for philanthropy and shared value in Africa, channeling these resources into programs of high ‘Social Impact’, which have been identified as having the highest return of investment.   IWG partners with individuals, institutions, corporations and the wider population who are invited to voluntarily donate a minimum amount every month.  Additional information is provided at www.chestrad-ngo.org and in the attached brochure