Mrs. Adeola Azeez

Mrs. Adeola Azeez is a seasoned banker with over 20 years expertise in Correspondent Banking. Bold and outspoken she rose to become the Deputy Country Representative/ Deputy Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Nigeria. Deutsche Bank is a leading client-centric global universal bank with approximately 30 million customer accounts and activities in more than 70 countries and jurisdictions. In her role as Deputy Managing Director of Deutsche Bank Nigeria, Mrs. Azeez oversees the bank’s business operations in the region, including managing liaisons between Deutsche Bank offshore and its client base of Nigerian Banks. She has successfully guided the local financial institutional clients across the spectrum of international financial services and the myriad of challenges of correspondent banking. Mrs. Azeez is the pioneer of the current system of Correspondent Banking in Nigeria, which she has been developing since she joined Deutsche and its predecessor company, Bankers Trust Company, New York in 1989. In addition, her generosity of spirit has made her a fundamental asset in the Nigerian Banking Industry, as she freely shares her knowledge with fellow bankers conducting both formal and informal capacity building and mentoring almost all the young people she meets.

Mrs. Azeez’s passion for socio-economic development in Nigeria, became focused on women in particular, when in 2002, she became one of the founding members of Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), a non-governmental organisation that aims to promote women’s entrepreneurship and advancement across all sectors. In 2011 Mrs. Azeez was elected as the Chairperson of WIMBIZ. Notable among her many achievements as WIMBIZ Chair are the: raised profile and membership of the organization, especially among young ladies and other previously under-represented women in the Northern States of Nigeria; engagement of Vital Voices, a US based NGO established by Hilary Clinton, as a funding agency to assist WIMBIZ women in particular and Nigerian women in general to position their businesses for international trade; privilege for WIMBIZ to partner with the Federal Ministry of Finance on the YouWiN! Women 2012/13 Programme; internal redesign of the organisation to enable greater efficiency, sustainability and visibility of the brand to become a household name.

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